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Theiving from a thief is a dangerous game.

It was stolen. On your territory. And it should be yours. IF you can find it. Promises of riches beyond your wildest dreams—if you have the brains to figure it out.

More about The Heist

You and your band of criminals have heard about a high profile heist in the area: a data file containing several Swiss bank account numbers and access codes. Even more infuriating, one of your old cohorts—an ex-group member—is the culprit. Not only has she infringed on your territory but you also weren’t brought in on the deal. So you’ve decided to take what is yours. Unfortunately, dealing with a criminal means stealing is much harder, especially when the door locks behind you once you’re in.

Success Rate
Can you figure out where the thief hid the information

before time runs out?

This was no ordinary thief...

And she may have a surprise or two up her sleeve. Be observant, be careful, and be swift—she could return at any moment.

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