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You're in an isolated cabin in the middle of nowhere...

You’ve signed up to participate in a survival challenge locked away in a cabin in the woods. You and your group must prove you possess the necessary skills to escape.

More about Survival Scenario

You—or one of your friends, on your behalf—have volunteered to participate in one of our standard experimental testing scenarios. We can not elaborate on the nature of the tests or how the results will be used, however, we can tell you that your team is secluded in a cabin more than a hundred miles away from the nearest town. You will be required to work together and use your surroundings, as well as the tools provided, in order to survive.

Success Rate
Can you complete this experiemental testing scenario

before time runs out?

No need to bring your swiss army knife.

But you should definitely bring your smartest friends and family members. This outdoorsy challenge is currently our toughest room. We recommend it for seasoned escape artists, but newbies are always welcome. Be prepared to be challenged!

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