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Retro Rush is great for:

New Escapees
Large Groups
People with Attention to Detail
Go back to the time of Atari and Polaroid.

A great gaming legend has died, leaving a 1980s-themed challenge in her wake. Your team will each have one hour to compete and claim the grand prize, not to mention incredible pride.

More about Retro Rush

Greetings. If you are reading this, I have met my demise. I can confidently say that at the time of writing, I have already lived a full and happy life. I have visited great worlds, partaken in great adventures, and seen truly amazing things—all with the best of friends, and mostly from the comfort of my living room.

You and your group have been virtually transported to my teenage home, and are faced with solving my riddles to escape the room and win. Don’t fret—no prior knowledge of the era is needed. Just bring your wits, your brain, and your A-team to attempt to conquer this quest. (This room was inspired by an awesome book called Ready Player One.)

Success Rate
Can you solve the gaming legend's final challenge

before time runs out?

80s knowledge NOT required

We’re a little obsessed with the 80s, but you don’t need any special retro knowledge to succeed in this room. Everything you need—or need to know—will be in the rooms with you. You only have to worry about putting together all the pieces before time runs out!

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