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Mafia's Muse is great for:

Expert Escapees
Abstract Thinking
Immersive Experience
You're a newshawk with a job to do...

More about Mafia's Muse

It’s 1924 and you’re private detectives hot on the trail of dame Ruby Scarlett, a famous flapper mixed up in some hinky business. You’ve snuck into her dressing room while she’s performing and are trying to find out if she’s being exploited by the mafia and how deep her dealings go. Can you learn the truth about Scarlett’s involvement before being caught?

Success Rate: TBD
Can you find out how deep the deception goes

before time runs out?

Do you "know your onions"?

Behind the glitz and glamour there’s a story.

Find out if Scarlett is just a sheba or something more.

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