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Code name: 3301. Symbol? A single cicada.

3301 claims to be searching for “intelligent individuals.” But doesn’t say why. Is it a recruitment stunt for organizations like the CIA or MI6? Or something more dark and sinister?

More about Cicada 3301

Based on a real-life organization that uses a series of complex clues and puzzles to identify and track the most intelligent people in the world in order to recruit them. Cicada 3301 has been a faceless enigma since 2012. Unlike the Alien Room or the Heist Room, you are not locked in this room, but rather, you are on a mission to prove that you are one of the select few who are up for the intellectual challenge and are worth recruiting.

Success Rate
Can you prove your intelligence

before time runs out?

A real-life mystery

Cicada 3301 was a real-life puzzling organization that surfaced in 2012, posting challenges online. Read more on Wikipedia.  

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