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Asylum Escape is great for:


New Escapees
Small Groups
People Who Enjoy a Puzzle Within a Story
A patient disappeared from a padded cell with no signs of escape...

It’s just another day at the psychiatric facility when you receive an urgent incident report. A patient has escaped a secured room without leaving any sign of her exit, and you and your fellow orderlies must figure out what happened. You head there to help, unsure of what you’ll find. Are you up to the challenge? Will you be able to figure out how she escaped?

More about Asylum Escape

INCIDENT SUMMARY: At 9:45 p.m., an orderly went to patient’s room to administer medicine. Upon entering, found the room secured but empty. Patient escaped without setting off alarms or being detected. Current whereabouts are unknown. Patient is dangerous and has missed a high dosage of medicine. INSTRUCTIONS: Respond to patient’s room immediately. Investigate how the patient escaped.

Success Rate
Can you figure out how Penelope escaped

before time runs out?

It's not scary—we promise.

Despite the bloody walls, this room is not scary. The missing patient won’t pop out and surprise you! We’ve designed this room to be a little creepy, but it is still a great room for families and younger age groups.

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