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You and your team have been abducted.

This room is not meant for the weak. Come face-to-face with this mysterious room through the veil of darkness with limited light to assist you. Can you beat the timer without going mad?

More about Alien Abduction

It’s a normal day at NASA, when suddenly you find you have blacked out. When you come to, you’re in a dark room, unsure of how you got there or how to get out. You’ve been abducted by aliens who are trying to communicate with you, and to prove your worth, you must solve their puzzles and escape the room. Peaceful negotiations depend on you and your team.

Success Rate
Can you figure out what the aliens want

before time runs out?

But the aliens forgot one thing...

Your rooms has no light whatsoever. You and your are left with a few flashlights included in the items you had on your persons. 


Can you and your team dechipher what the aliens seek before time is up?

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