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Don't Enter 1408 is great for:

Thrill Seekers
Smaller Groups
Stephen King Fans
Quick Thinkers
If you like to be spooked, this room is for you.

*HORROR ROOM* You spend your days debunking supernatural phenomena, but when you receive a mysterious letter that reads “Don’t Enter 1408” you can’t help but be intrigued. The room is said to prey on your worst fears, and you’ve been contacted to help one of the ghosts who haunts it. Can you survive the room long enough to save Georgie’s spirit?
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Can you help Georgie's spirit

and make it out alive?

Be ready for some scares, but no actors or strobes–we promise.

We are super Stephen King fans and we had a blast pulling together pieces of his multiverse for this room. Pro tip: You don’t have to be familiar with his books or movies to do the room.

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