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Located in the Historic Haymarket

60-minutes to solve your way out!

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Our Current Escape Rooms


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Dr. Watson needs your help. Moriarty once vowed to Sherlock that "if you are clever enough to bring destruction upon me, rest assured that I shall do as much to you," and he has made good on that promise. Now Holmes is in custody, blamed for stealing the crown jewels. Can you help them before he stands trial?
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*HORROR ROOM* You spend your days debunking supernatural phenomena, but when you receive a mysterious letter that reads "Don't Enter 1408" you can't help but be intrigued. The room is said to prey on your worst fears, and you've been contacted to help one of the ghosts who haunts it. Can you survive the room long enough to save Georgie's spirit?
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Your friend has gone missing and there’s no sign of where he might be. You were in the woods searching for clues when you were abducted, shoved into a van, and brought to the mysterious laboratory on the outskirts of town. You have no idea who brought you here or why, but something seems off. You and your friends need to escape before anyone returns.
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You've fallen down the rabbit hole and into a wondrous place. But everything went awry when the Queen of Hearts accused you of stealing her precious tarts. Now you only have one hour to find them or it's off with your heads!
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What is an escape room?

Inspired by escape-esque video games, adventure board games, and movies, escape rooms are real-life adventure games where participants are locked in a room, and by using the elements around them solve a series of puzzles, find clues, or piece together answers that help them “escape” within a set amount of time. Participants must be extremely observant, able to collaborate with a team, and use critical thinking skills in order to get out. Escape games are great for:

  • Critical thinking

  • Solving puzzles

  • Building communication skills

  • Team building

  • Challenging yourself

  • Having fun

Team Building & Corporate Events

High-performing teams are successful because they work well together. They are efficient, organized, and competitive enough with each other that they push the team forward. 

That is why activities that flex those key collaboration muscles are so important for the health of your team. Escape Lincoln is the perfect place for your team to use their teamwork skills outside of the normal workspace! In a fun, casual atmosphere, your team can learn more about their individual work styles and how the composition of the team contributes to the success of their common goals.

Problem Solving

Teams take on all kinds of challenges in the workplace, and escape rooms allow groups to experience new hurdles, and the team must figure out new ways to approach clues throughout the game.


Teams have to be able to communicate in any situation. Escape room allow teams to learn and adapt to each other's communication style to reach a collective goal.


Located in Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket  


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