Escape Lincoln

Can you escape in time?

Escape Lincoln

Lincoln’s first escape room, located in Lincoln’s historic Haymarket, in the lower level of the Apothecary building. You have 60 minutes to solve your way out of the room—do you have what it takes?

What is an escape room?

Inspired by escape-esque video games, adventure board games, and movies, escape rooms are real-life adventure games where participants are locked in a room, and by using the elements around them solve a series of puzzles, find clues, or piece together answers that help them “escape” within a set amount of time. Participants must be extremely observant, able to collaborate with a team, and use critical thinking skills in order to get out.

Asylum Escape

It’s just another day at the asylum when you and your fellow orderlies are alerted—a patient is in severe distress in room 1402. You head there to help, unsure of what you’ll find. Are you up to the challenge? Will you be able to help the patient in time?
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Retro Rush

A great gaming legend has died, leaving a challenge in her wake—all from the 1980s, but don’t fret—no prior knowledge of the era is needed. Just bring your wits, your brain, and your A-team to attempt to conquer this quest.
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Survival Scenario

You’ve signed up to participate in a survival challenge locked away in a cabin in the woods. You and your group must prove you possess the necessary skills to escape.
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